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 Changing the World


Eagle Wings






"I have been privileged to do this honoring of Yemaya with many cultures in my travels. Currently, I spend a lot of time near the Caribbean and the great Atlantic Ocean. On a recent honoring of our Ancestors and Elementals, there were seven countries represented in our group. Some of these ladies have now returned to their homelands of Taiwan, Vietnam, Germany, Philippines, Netherlands, Brazil, and the East Coast of Florida, the mainland of Turtle Island. They have taken this honoring to their people and share these blessings. It is a great healing for each of us and for the land upon which we walk.  My thanks to each one at Eagle Wings of Enlightenment for preparing the way for this honoring to be shared. Thank you for preparing the Sacred Space to bring this to others on our planet."                                                                   



Ocean Ceremony in Dominican Republic

 led by Bernadette Marie

Ocean Ceremony

led by Arlene Grand Teton, Wyoming

"I had this dream three years ago. The thermal waters of Yellowstone Lake were calling for the ladies dressed in white, offering white flowers and we were to stand in the waters while doing this offering thus calming her hot energetic flow. While visiting Los Angeles last year I just happened to be there when the full moon ceremony was to take place with Mataji. I didn't know what to expect. I was a little unsettled. The ocean is so beautiful but she is so powerful. While making the offerings, I felt a sense of serenity and peace. I was taken down by the waves..she was just acknowledging my presence I believe and accepting my offerings. It was a beautiful experience for me! During the full moon summer solstice in June of 2008, I felt the water calling for the women's water ceremony. We made our offerings at 5am that morning in the thermal waters at Kelly hot springs, which is thermal waters connected to Yellowstone. After we made our 13 offerings, we could hear the water making noises as she accepted them. The buffalo were a few yards from where we did the ceremony - we stopped to offer them prayer and song.

"On January 11, 2009 during the full moon, we had a sweat lodge ceremony. I was instructed to have thermal water from Yellowstone brought to the ceremony that day, so one our lady friends from Jackson Hole was kind enough to bring the water that day for the ceremony. Water from the hot Springs in Fort Washakie and the water from Yellowstone were joined together in a large container and was prayed for in the sweat lodge ceremony on the third round. Myself and two other ladies gave the 13 offerings to the water. After the ceremony we separated the water and half was taken back to Yellowstone with the offerings and the other half was offered back to the Hot Springs in Fort Washakie. As you all are aware, we have had over 900 earthquakes in the Yellowstone area over 10 days and I feel our Mother Earth is calling for our help with prayers and ceremonies, so this was the purpose of the water ceremony."   


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