Mother Earth is calling

Feeding Waters


 Seven Seas



September 24th


at Eagle Wings

Praying for the

Waters Worldwide


Full Moon



 - All women are invited -


Please bring the following: 13 sacred offerings, dress in white (dress or skirt), and a towel. Place offerings inside a wicker basket.


Please call 323.779.0210 with your commitment.


Since 1986, Mataji has taken women of all races and cultures to the Pacific Ocean for making prayers, healing and offerings for all our relations.


Women are feeding the waters with thirteen sacred offerings for the healing of Mother Earth, the Elementals, all Creatures and Humanity. This has been an ancient tradition for thousands of years wherein indigenous people have made their prayers and offerings to bodies of water throughout the ages.


Now is the time that our Mother Earth is calling for more loving prayers for the continuous healing of all. Let us take heed with a caring heart in supporting feeding the waters throughout the seven continents. We welcome your participation in joining the Sisterhood Worldwide.

Watch this

 inspiring video

Ocean Ceremony

Oh Great Spirit


"We give thanks for our daily blessings. Oh precious Mother Earth

we ask at this time that you look kindly upon all of us and that the

healing that is needed by you will be given and that all of your

extremities will receive powerful healing rays of the Great Spirit and that

you will make your adjustments throughout your body in a good way.


Whereas the two-legged, the four-legged, the winged ones, the

creepy crawlers and all creatures will be able to live in harmony. May the

great light and grace of the Great Spirit bless your heart center,

meridian points and remove the suffering and negative energies that

have caused you pain.


May the majesty of your beautiful mountains, rivers and valleys

continue to be ever present. May the blessing of planet Jupiter

endow you with its golden light for your restoration, regeneration

and ascension to be totally tranquil. We give thanks for the daily

food and water that comes from you to us and we are grateful to

have you as our Earth Mother. May we continue to walk together

as one Family."


For All Our Relations. Aho!


Mother Earth Prayer