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Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center Travels to Africa

L.A. ministry adopts Tanzania village and donates cows, medical and school supplies

Sentinel News Service


Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center (EWOEC), a Los Angeles based ministry dedicated to world peace, nonviolence and uplifting consciousness, made a significant impact during its recent mission to Africa.


As part of its world peace mission, EWOEC members traveled to Tanzania last month where they officially adopted the Oldadai village as well as offered prayers and donated funding, cows, medical supplies and school materials. The village is comprised of 6,000 residents, mainly farmers whose income have been impacted by lack of rain.


The trip marked the fourth visit to the country by EWOEC, which was founded in 1985 by Shri Natha Devi Premananda (Mataji), a universal teacher for world peace. The group first journeyed there in 2005 to pray for peace and healing. Follow up missions were conducted in 2007 and 2010.


According to Mataji, "When we visited in 2007, we were asked to help Oldadai finish building a medical dispensary that had not been completed due to lack of funds. We helped with $12,500 and also were able to donate thousands of dollars in medical supplies to the dispensary and local hospitals."


She noted that in 2010, several village elders asked for milking cows and several members of the Masai tribe asked for cows and bulls to replace cattle that had died during a severe drought.

"On this visit, we gifted cows to five elders and cows and bulls to 11 members of the Maasai tribe. We also carried medical supplies, supplies for Oldadai Primary School and awarded six educational scholarships. We had a feast and provided clothing, shoes, school supplies and other items for more than 250 villagers."

Mataji thanked EWOEC members and friends who assisted in obtaining many of the donations, as well as Ethiopian Airlines whom flew all of the donations at no cost. she also expressed appreciation to the Songota  Falls  Lodge,  a  local  business  that  has  hosted members of the Center during each of its four visits. Joyce Kimaro, a local businesswoman whose company offers safari outing to visitors from around the world, owns Songota Falls Lodge.


For the past 15 years, the Center has traveled to different part of the world to offer prayers for world peace, including New Zealand and northern India.


"We offer prayers for the well-being of humanity; the healing of Mother Earth, all creatures and for all of our ancestors.


Love is a common thread that weaves all traditions together, and may we see each other as embodiments of love who have come to serve one another," said Mataji.


Mataji noted that EWOEC will be working to help the Maasai tribe in Makayuni to build water wells.


"Currently, women go by donkeys 20 miles each day to bring water to cook, bathe and drink. We will be asking the L.A. area for its support."

Above, Emanuel Venture, Oldadai medical technician; EWOEC founder Mataji, and Lazaro Ishimal, chairman of Oldadai Village, display some of the medical supplies donated. At right, Elder Kisoke Lekujita, left, accepts the gift of a cow from EWOEC members Jean Dye and Mataji.

Above, Members of the Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center arrive in Tanzania, Africa.