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Mataji Receives Goodwill Award From African Focus, Inc.

Shri Natha Devi Premananda Mataji, respected spiritual mother and founder of Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center in South L.A, received the African Focus Goodwill Award on April 21, at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles.


African Focus, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that focuses on the educational and economic growth and well being of Africans around the world.


Mataji , who is known locally and internationally for her 33 years of service to the South L.A. community, was recognized for her service to Oldadai Village in Tanzania, Africa.


Since 2005, Mataji and members of Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center have generously supported the people of Oldadai, traveling there four times to assist with building a medical dispensary along with providing educational grants, school supplies and sports uniforms to children at Oldadai Primary School.


In addition, members of Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center have supplied cows to needy elders and purchased cows and bulls for members of the Masai tribe, who lost many cattle due to a severe drought.


Currently, the center is fundraising to build two water wells for Masai tribe members in Makayuni, whose members travel more than 20 miles on donkeys to obtain clean water. Mataji’s motto is, “Helping others is the Soul call of Mankind.”

From Left are Betty Arnold, African Focus

Shrii Natha Devi Premananda, Mataji

Sasahulish L. Tekelemariam,

Sales Mgr. of Ethiopian Airlines

The Eagle Wings Family

By Sentinel News Service - Published Wednesday May 9, 2018