One prayer at a time

One offering at a time

        One service at a time

One ceremony at a time

        One day at a time . . .

 Changing the World


Eagle Wings



                                                                                                           is a beacon of light for those in need. It is serving the community of the greater Los Angeles area with dedication and determination for the spiritual upliftment of all people.


Over the last 33 years God's blessings have given its members the fruits of compassion, loving kindness, devotion, selfless service, knowledge of the scriptures and healing of the body, mind and spirit.


Our Center is committed to the betterment of individuals through the ancient Holy Scriptures, daily recitation of prayers, meditation, selfless service and ancient purification, with a focus on World Peace for all humanity.


We offer daily prayers and blessings for those who are engaged in the daily struggles of life. We embrace all humanity as one family. We are the sacred on the path towards holiness and God's immeasurable Divine wisdom and Love.


May your life be filled with Peace, Joy, Love and Simplicity.


Eternal Blessings!

Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center