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Eagle Wings



Honoring Black History Month

A Prayer of Thanksgiving


Oh God, you have preserved a people for Thy love to reveal the Oneness of all.


Times were difficult during years of struggle and strife. Your might and power was given to a people that would survive through all the storms of life.


You have given a people their place in history. May the heavenly angels continue to blow their trumpets and sound the words that a people are liberated from the

scorns of the past.


The ringing of freedom bellows from the depth of the soul of mankind. The African American gives homage to God the Spirit who Is and shall always Be.


Oh God, you placed inside man's heart the celebration of Black History Month.

We are grateful that we can share the living culture with all people.


                                                                               May all beings be Happy!



"May all people come together

in the brotherhood of

peaceful understanding

and willingness to grow

as one humanity."


-Martin Luther King


We salute the legacy of


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Black History Month - February

We were honored to walk in the


 The King's Parade